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2021 Color Trends

There are so many websites with their different takes on 2021 color trends, but guess what…it is YOUR choice what colors to use at YOUR wedding no matter what the professionals say!

I simply wanted to share what I have been seeing as far as 2021 color trends based on weddings that I am currently helping plan for next year because there are some people who don’t know where to begin and might need some help!

Some professionals may say that certain palettes listed below are “out of trend”, but I say that I am seeing these colors more now than ever, even though it may have been “in trend” 2 years ago.

Shades of light blue with greenery and hints of other accent colors such as gold or silver are so stunning! Light blue and a pale pink or white also go extremely well together. The major color popping in the palette is the light blue because of how vibrant it is. This color palette could easily be integrated into a winter or spring wedding but could look beautiful in summer too! This color palette would go well in any location from traditional luxury to rustic.

This blush and sage green palette gives me extreme rustic, whimsical, and boho wedding vibes! The deep sage green color really makes the blush and white colors pop! Accent colors such as gold, silver or even rose gold go amazing with this color combination! This color palette is extremely fun and playful and goes well in spring and summer but would also work well in fall because of the greenery.

Classy and elegant! This color palette is timeless and will always have a place on my color trend chart! The blush pink goes fantastic with whites to make for extremely bright and refreshing wedding colors. The gold along with the bright colors of blush and white creates an elegance that fits perfectly for a traditional luxury style wedding! This color palette is amazing for spring and summer!

Mauve and green are an extremely daring yet gorgeous color combination! If you are looking for a bright color to be present but not take over the entire show, then mauve is a great place to begin! It has hints of pink and purple in it to create a stunning color that goes especially great with greenery, whites, and golds and can be used in any style of wedding from rustic to traditional, boho to whimsical, and even nautical. This color palette is great for spring, summer, and fall but could make for a unique winter wedding color as well!

Whimsical, nautical and vintage are just three wedding styles that come to mind when I see these colors! By now I’m sure you notice that sage green basically goes with everything. It is such a versatile color and that is what we all love about it! Navy is a great deep, dark color that makes all other colors surrounding it pop out! This color palette is perfect for winter but would also look amazing in any season. You can’t really go wrong with navy blue!

Neutral tones are my obsession this year! I love the look of natural colors like ivory and beige with greenery and soft shades of pink. I think it looks classy, elegant, timeless, and beautiful! With such neutral tones, any tiny accent piece or pop of color really stand out. It could be something as simple as the ribbon around your bouquet being a pop of blue or pink but it looks amazing. When you think neutral tones, think alternative, vintage, and even modern. This color palette fairs well in summer or fall but honestly…my vote goes for year round!

Gray and dusty blue are the perfect color combination for a classic winter wedding! These colors give the allusion of the cool, rain, and even snow. They give you that feel good, next to the fire sipping on hot cocoa type of vibe. The colors go extraordinarily well with greenery and other more neutral tones like ivory or beige but an accent color like silver or gold is always welcome too. These colors give off chic, modern, rustic, and vintage wedding style ideas!

Light gray and marigold (yellow) are one of my favorite summer wedding color combinations! The way that the yellow pops on top of the gray gives the entire wedding life! This color palette, again, goes extremely well with neutrals like ivory, white, or beige. The reason that this palette of colors goes best with a summer wedding is because of the vibrancy with the yellow and the greenery. The light grey gives it an extra color element as well and makes the other colors scream vibrant.

There is such a large variety of color palettes to choose from and it can be overwhelming to pick just a few colors. In the end, the day is yours and if you want to have an all pink wedding, then you go and have yourself an all pink wedding and don’t mind what anybody else thinks! Make the day your own and if you want to take some inspiration from this, then by all means please do so and I hope that the colors are everything that you always dreamed of!

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