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5 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

There are often a lot of mistakes that happen when planning a wedding. It makes complete sense, especially if it is your first time doing it. Here are a few of the top wedding planning mistakes that are made and ways to avoid them!

1. Messing up with the marriage license

Marriage license rules vary depending on where you live so be sure to do research specifically for the state which you reside. In places like California, marriage licenses are good for 90 days after the date of issuance whereas in Pennsylvania, they are only good for 60 days. This means that if you get married after 91 or 61 days after issuance, that it is invalid. You also don’t want to get it too late because then it may not be processed in time for your wedding. If you are marrying for a second time, be sure to bring your official divorce papers when you get your new marriage license or they will not issue it. Timing and knowledge are extremely important with a marriage license, so be sure to do correct research for your states rules so you know what timing looks like and so you know what you need to bring.

2. Sending out save the dates or invitations too soon

A common mistake with newlyweds is getting so excited about the wedding that they don’t sit down to make a budget plan or even an official guest list before sending out save the dates. This can be an issue because it often leads to overinviting guests. You don’t want to send save the dates to people who aren’t going to eventually be invited to the wedding. That just gets peoples hopes up just to be let down in the end and you wouldn’t want to hurt anybodys feelings. You also don’t want to send out invitations to 200 people expecting that only 100 people will RSVP. What is going to happen if 150 people if not 200 RSVP yes? Then you are going to have to tell some people that they aren’t invited after all and that will not end well in most cases. Be smart and have a plan before sending out any paper good materials for your wedding. Know exactly how many people you can invite based on your budget and venue capacity before you send anything out.

3. Hiring a friend instead of a professional

Just because you have a friend who could potentially make a great DJ, does not mean that they will! Making playlists on a phone and actually DJing an event are two totally separate things. DJing takes an entirely different skill set because a DJ is announcing everything the entire night, trying to keep guests engaged, and playing the right music at the right time while reading the crowd and understanding what they are vibing with. You might also have a friend who is an amazing amateur photographer but that might not be enough for wedding photos. You are going to be looking at these photos for the rest of your life and so they should be done by a professional. Somebody who knows how to work with lighting, knows how to find the best areas for photos, and knows when the sun is going to be setting for those amazing golden hour photos. They should also know how to edit those photos to perfection as well. Trust me, looking back you will be glad later on that you hired the professional!

4. Letting other people pick your wedding party

Who’s day is it again? IT IS YOUR DAY! This means that it is YOU who should be choosing your wedding party. The wedding party should be the bride and groom’s closest family and friends that they want standing up with them on their special day. You should narrow it down to those who have been there for you through it all and are your nearest and dearest. Don’t be worried about hurting others feelings because in the end it is your day. If somebody is seriously going to be upset about not being chosen for your wedding party, then do you want them in your wedding or life anyways? Do not choose people to make others happy because your wedding day is about you and your love for your partner. Pick the people who you know will be by your side and allow the day to be all about you and your future spouse!

5. Not creating a wedding budget

I have emphasized this time and time again, but a wedding budget is so extremely important. It is so easy to just avoid the entire thing and spend money on whatever you want, however most of us unfortunately don’t live in a reality where we can do that. Do you want your marriage to begin in low finances and fights? I didn’t think so… I know that talks about finances are never fun but if you are going to be marrying this person, it is essential. Budgeting should be your first step, even before setting a date, booking a venue, or vendors. How do you know how much money you can spend on a venue or vendor until you have your budget figured out? YOU DON’T! Sit down, make the budget, stick to it and live happily ever after!

Certain wedding planning mistakes can definitely be avoided by doing your due diligence and research, consulting with a professional, and even printing off a wedding planning checklist *cough, cough* to ensure you won’t be the one to make these mistakes. Happy Wedding Planning!

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