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5 Wedding Must Haves

There are of course many things you need in order to put on an amazing wedding, however what are the absolute most important parts? There is an old saying that states you only need 4 things to have a successful wedding; a bride, a groom, a witness, and an officiant. While this may be true in the aspect of getting legally married, there is absolutely no fun in that plan.

Everybody knows that you need the essentials to have a successful wedding but which parts of a wedding excite you that are a must for your special day? Is it the dress that you get to wear or the idea of getting to marry your partner?

Here are the 5 must haves that I think all weddings should definitely have to create a party to remember!

5 Must Haves for Any Wedding

Good Food

Good food is going to be a huge memory for you and your guests so of course, it has to be something amazing! It doesn’t matter what style menu you choose like a plated or buffet meal, however the food selections themselves do matter. If you choose a buffet meal with the most delicious food ever, it won’t matter that it wasn’t a fancy plated meal. Be sure to choose delicious food that represents who you are as a couple while also keeping your guests in the back of your mind. Be sure to keep appetizers, dinner, dessert, and maybe even a late night snack in mind when thinking of which type of food to serve. If you really want your food to stand out, consider doing something really unique that people may have never seen before!

Good Drinks

Good drinks have to be a staple of a good wedding! It is extremely common to offer either an open bar or hosted bar to cover at least some if not all of your guests drinks for the evening. You have invited them to take part in your day so you should at least try to cover some of the alcohol options. Many people under a more strict budget opt for covering just the beer and wine and/or the signature cocktail. A signature cocktail is a great way to showcase the couples favorite drink or drinks and offer the guests that drink at no cost to them. A signature drink is generally made in bulk and can simply be poured by the bartender or passed by the wait staff. Get creative with your signature drink and its name!

Good Music

Music is more important at a wedding than some may realize. The overall vibe that music creates can make or break the day. We all hate to see the dance floor suddenly empty as the song ruins the entire mood. It is always so important to find not only an amazing band or DJ who can emcee and event but also one who can keep the party going all night long. When looking to hire a band or DJ, ask for testimonials from previous clients or be sure to specifically ask them how they plan to keep the party going. You may also want to ask if they accept song lists from you instead of creating their own. Another thing that people create is a do-not-play list which means that even in a guest requests it, it can’t be played. Be sure to include some interactive songs like the YMCA or Macarena on your playlist!

Good Entertainment

Even though you will have music of some sort to keep guests entertained, it is always awesome if you go even further with the entertainment! Even though the idea might go over your head, there are guests who don’t enjoy dancing so what should you offer for those guests? There are so many ways to offer other entertainment for your guests, even if they do enjoy dancing but just want to take a little break. A photo booth or yard games are both largely seen in weddings nowadays as they are yet another way to entertain your guests. Something interactive such as a s’mores station or a make your own drink station are also great ways to keep guests entertained while also giving them a sense of satisfaction that they got to help create something. Get creative and find ways for all of your guests to have fun!

Good Times

Of course you are going to want everybody to have a good time, but have you really thought about how that is going to happen? Yes, the overall good time will include having good food, drink, music, and entertainment but what will it take to create an atmosphere for everybody to feel comfortable having a good time? First and foremost, you want to create a beautiful but also welcoming atmosphere in both your ceremony and reception locations. You don’t want your guests to walk in and not a have a place to sit or something to do. Be aware of each transition and make sure that there is something to do during that time. Transition or in between time can be extremely boring if there isn’t an activity to do such as getting a drink or appetizers being served during cocktail hour. Think about your wedding and how you want the vibe to be but also think about your guests and how you want them to have a good time!

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