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Bride’s Drunk Uncle Slaps My A**

Yeah…this is a fun one! I’m going to discuss the time the bride’s drunk uncle grabbed my a**…more than once.

This wedding was seriously gorgeous and the couple was so soooo sweet! They were very easy going and amazing to work with from the beginning. You could tell that they were deeply in love with one another! They only remember the amazing things about their wedding night and that is how it should be. I on the other hand, only remember one thing extremely vividly when I think of that night….

Let’s get into the story of how exactly this happened.

Right after the reception and at the beginning of cocktail hour, I had some of the brides uncles come up to me and give me some details on the family and even some pointers on how to deal with the ones who might drink a little too much alcohol that night. I played along and kind of thought that they were just being funny. They then told me that they were protective and if there were any issues to bring it to their attention and not to the attention of the couple, as it was their special day. This had me a bit nervous but I simply had a chat with all of my event staff and let them know to be on high alert.

I remember looking around at a certain point and thinking that the night was going absolutely fantastic. Everything was going off without a hitch and everybody seemed to be having a great time dancing. This is when one of the uncles decided to come and chat with me once again…

He walked up to the bar area where I was talking to the bartender and asked to speak with me. I got nervous that something had happened but he simply just wanted to have a conversation with me. He had been drinking and just needed to talk to somebody apparently. It isn’t uncommon for somebody who has been drinking to overshare and want to talk.

Well, when I turned around to ask one of my servers something, he decided he didn’t like that I wasn’t giving him attention and decided to grab my a**………..LIKE WHAT??? I felt so creeped out. Oh also, his wife and kids were at this wedding as well.

Side note: nothing happened with the wife and she didn’t even know what was happening. Just the fact that he was doing that while his family was there was not cool at all. I mean he shouldn’t have been doing it in general but ESPECIALLY if his wife and kids were there.

I asked that he not touch me because it was inapropriate/rude and he obliged. I was baffled and went on with the rest of the wedding. I also asked the bartender to cut him off from drinking anymore.

About 15 minutes later, it happened again…

I was busy attempting to help change a keg in the kegerator when he came up to me and decided that he would try touching my a**AGAIN!!! This time I got upset and asked that he not come near me anymore. I also decided to let one of the other uncles know what was going on so that he could deal with it. UNCOOL!!!

Luckily the other uncle kept him under control the rest of the night. I felt extremely uncomfortable around anybody the rest of the night. I was on high alert the rest of the wedding and warned the other staff to let me know if he was touching anybody else when he shouldn’t be. He apparently left with his family after the wedding was over and I never saw him again thank goodness.

I mean they were right that this family needed to be watched when drinking but it just so happened that it was one of them who needed to be watched. I really hate that this instance is burned in my brain from one of the most beautiful weddings that I have been a part of.

The moral of this story:

Keep your uncles in line people. We all have that crazy uncle but make sure that he has a babysitter at your wedding!!!

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