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Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Bridesmaid dresses are well known for being ugly, uncomfortable, and something that your bridesmaids are never going to want to wear ever again. In the last few years, that unfortunate trend has been delightfully changing. Now dress designers are mimicking trends seen on the runway so that the entire bridal crew looks as sharp as possible without overshadowing the couple. Between the new cowl necklines to velvet material dresses or even fashionable jumpsuits, you are sure to find a great look for your bridesmaids.

What type of dress would look great with your wedding style and theme? Let’s go over the new trends to see what you prefer!

Everyone in a Different Dress

Having each of your bridesmaid dresses in a different style and shape has been a trend for at least a few years but have you seen the trend of having your bridesmaids in different shades, colors, and lengths? It is a common to now see completely different colors in bridesmaid dresses such as the grays, oranges, and ivories in the first photo above. Some brides want their wedding colors to all be shown more evenly and it does make for some awesome photos. There is also a newer trend going around of having some longer length dresses and some shorter length dresses dispersed throughout the bridal party such as the second photo above. This makes the entire look more diverse and gives it some depth. You can also do different shades, styles, and lengths if you really want to get into it! Everyone’s body is different and various dresses may look better on their bodies. Different dresses where your bridesmaids have more of a say will make them feel a lot more comfortable too.

Cowl Necklines

The 90’s are back and we are all loving it! This style was worn and created by many designers in the 90’s such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. It goes hand in hand with the slip dress from the 90’s as well. The cowl neckline dresses are often times silk or satin material and are a chic, minimalistic approach to bridesmaid dresses but classier than ever. The cowl neckline dress looks fantastic in any shade and will make your bridesmaids look just as stunning as ever standing next you on your big day! This style and material seem to look fantastic on any body type and go well with any wedding gown.

Velvet Material

Velvet bridesmaid dresses are here and they are to die for! Look at these photos and tell me that you don’t adore the look of the smooth velvet next to the white wedding gown with some floral bouquets… They also look super cozy! Many brides are opting for this look when hosting a fall wedding. The material is lightweight, soft, and very elastic so it is sure to look good on all body types. It is one of the most forgiving dress materials to date. It comes in so many different styles too so your bridesmaids are sure to find one that they love. They can opt for a one shoulder dress, spaghetti strap, high neck, and many more. When it comes to velvet dresses, the opportunities are endless!


Long gone are the days of tradition and doing things just because that’s how they’ve always been done. Bridesmaid jumpsuits have been popping up a lot more frequently in the past year, especially with covid and micro weddings. Who wants to wear an uncomfortable dress when you can wear a jumpsuit and easily drop it low on the dance floor without fear of a “slip”. The bridesmaid jumpsuits come in all styles, fabrics, and colors and it is easy to find one that will really fit your wedding style. Jumpsuits can be dressed up or dressed down and the best part is that they can be worn again for all types of occasions! Jumpsuits were definitely a new found trend in 2020 and are expected to pop up in 2021 all over the place. If you want to add a bit of flare and uniqueness to your day, bridesmaid jumpsuits might be something to consider.

Mock Turtle Neck/High Neck

Mock turtle neck and high neck dresses are an entirely new form of elegance and grace! They were first spotted when Meghan Markle wore one as her second look on her wedding day. The greatest thing about the mock turtle neck is that they are a more laid back version of the actual turtle neck. While a turtle neck extends all the way to your lower jaw, a mock turtle neck is a slimmer version that ends at the middle of the throat for a more relaxed fit. This look is sure to make your bridesmaids look their best because it flatters the upper body and is extremely fashion forward. Your ladies will thank you when they purchase this dress because they will love wearing it again and again for special occasions!

Luxe Satin

Watch out boring fabric because satin is here to stay! There is another new amazing fabric in town and some might even say that they prefer satin over the newly developed velvet look as well. Satin fabric is a sure way to make your bridesmaids look extremely classy and chic while also providing a very formal feel. The best thing about a satin dress is that it also comes in a large variety of shapes, colors, and styles! If you are worried that satin may be a bit unflattering on certain body types then perhaps opt for a stretchy and more forgiving satin material. The more stretchy and forgiving it is, the easier it will be for your girls to get moving on the dance floor! Have your bridesmaids try on the satin dress and you will be sure to fall in love!

Midi Length

Forget maxi and mini, what about midi? Are you exhausted of the same old bridesmaid dress look? Midi dresses are an amazing new trend! Midi dresses are dresses that hit mid calf and below the knee. If you want something that feels a bit more retro and modern, midi dresses just might be the way to go. Midi dresses are also one of the most practical bridesmaid dresses as your friends won’t have to worry about tripping on long material or showing too much skin. Again, midi dresses come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and materials so it should be easy to find something that will fit your wedding perfectly! You can also have some fun accessories such as shoes with midi dresses because they will surely be seen!

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