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It’s time for the fun part of planning your wedding! Decorations are the aspect of a wedding that brighten up the venue and bring the entire day together. There are so many options and various ways to decorate a wedding from florals to candles or even lighting. Though there are so many types of décor to choose from to spruce up your venue, centerpieces are arguably the most important.

At a reception, guest tables are the main decoration and that includes the centerpieces. Centerpieces are the central focus of each table and help tie in the color palette while providing a break from the dishware. They are what catches the eye when guests sit at their table and can often times even be a great talking point for those guests who may not know each other. Centerpieces are essentially the glue of the table.

You might be thinking, what makes a good centerpiece? I think that a good centerpiece varies from person to person. Some people love the tall and glamorous look while others like a more small and refined approach. There is no right or wrong answer however, centerpieces need to fit with your overall theme and color scheme. If they don’t fit your themes, then they won’t make any sense and might even become a bad talking point amongst the table.

Let’s get into some centerpiece ideas that fit both the tall/glamorous and the small/refined looks.

That Tall & Glamorous Centerpiece Lifestyle

That tall and glamorous centerpiece lifestyle is amazing for indoor receptions!

The reason they are great for indoor receptions is because there is no wind to knock them over. When you are dealing with the wind at a wedding, no matter how heavy something may be it can still get knocked over. When doing an indoor wedding however, it doesn’t matter how tall that centerpiece is! Tall centerpieces especially make a grand statement at any wedding. They can be seen from across the room and allow for less décor to have to be put in other areas. One complaint that many people have about tall centerpieces is that they are difficult to talk over or around; meaning that they are so tall they block your ability to have a conversation with somebody else across the table.

That Short & Refined Centerpiece Lifestyle

The short and very refined centerpieces are great for indoor or outdoor reception! The reason many people use short centerpieces, especially at an outdoor event, is due to weather such as wind. A small centerpiece has a lower center of gravity and therefore wind should not affect them, hence making them great for an outdoor reception centerpiece. Short centerpieces can also work just as great for an indoor reception however that is just based on the preference of the couple getting married and which style they prefer.

Centerpiece Inspiration

These adorable and fresh centerpieces are fantastic for any summer or spring outdoor wedding where you wish to incorporate bright colored florals, various fruits, and some greenery to tie it all together! Notice that because of their size, multiple have been placed along the tables. Though a smaller centerpiece may be cheaper, you may have to put multiple per table to make up for their small size.

This lovely lantern surrounded by a flower ring is a great centerpiece look! The floral ring takes up just enough space to fill the middle of the table without taking up too much room for the dishware and your guests personal items. A major plus to a lantern is the area for a candle to sit inside and create more lighting as it begins to get darker.

So simple, yet so effective! Who knew something as simple as a cute vase, some flowers, candles, and maybe a photo or two could look so amazing? This centerpiece is a great one for those looking for simplicity and also for those who want to create a talking point by placing a photo of the couple of the table.

PAMPAS!!! You should all know by now that I am completely biased towards pampas but isn’t it just so cute? If you don’t just want flowers, adding in some pampas grass is a great way to break it up without overly adding greenery. Another perk of pampas…it looks amazing with any color florals!

Timeless, rustic, and simply beautiful! Between the old wooden boxes, the lantern, candles, old books, and white florals you can’t go wrong! White roses are timeless and go beautifully with anything, especially dark brown wooden boxes because then the white really pops. This entire ensemble just meshes so well together!

Back at it with the white roses! Didn’t I tell you they can go with anything? Anyways, this lovely floral centerpiece with the eucalyptus on top of a log slice scream rustic wedding. You can put multiple on a table or keep it simple by placing one on a table surrounded by a few other items.

Vintage, boho, classic…I think so! First of all, the dark colored glass against the ivory table cloth with the accents of gold is precious! Second of all, the eucalyptus with the small white florals is to die for! Put all of that together and you have got yourself one great looking centerpiece!

This one is for those of you who love the brightly colored florals! The way that the blush flowers pop off of the red florals and eucalyptus is enough to make all of us jump for joy! Add in the gold pear shaped vase below and I don’t even know what to say except for BEAUTIFUL!

Instead of one large centerpiece, what about a bunch of small ones? What about a bunch of small alcohol bottles painted metallic rose gold? This is one that I absolutely love, especially with the white and red roses!

Instead of spending money on a huge bundle of flowers, how about just 3 flowers all in individual cute little vases? I absolutely adore this idea and love the way that the bright colored florals pop off of the white vases. It offers such a bright spot in the middle of the guest tables.

The gold stands with a large floral bouquets on top have always been one of my absolute favorite tall centerpieces! One of the main reasons the gold stands have always been my favorite is because you can still see the people on the other side of the table through them. They bottom part isn’t big or bulky so you don’t have to weave just to talk to a friend at your table.

These centerpieces remind me of a tropical destination wedding! I am getting complete beach vibes and I am in love with it! These tall centerpieces are very classic tropical destination centerpieces and the green and white is once again a classic combination.

A tree in the middle of your table…WHAT? But isn’t it super adorable? This screams summer wedding to me! I just love the way that the green looks against the neutral colors of the table settings, linens, and chairs. I once again like that the bulkiness of the centerpiece is towards the top so that you can still talk to the people across from you.

This one is extremely similar to the last one however, this one reminds me more of a winery wonderland or spring wedding versus a summer wedding. The candles with the tall tree branches and the white floral accents on those tree branches is absolutely stunning!

No matter what you choose for your centerpieces, make them your own and make them beautiful! Make them unique and make them a talking point! Make them so that your tables stand out against the crowd!

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