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Cute Ideas for Bridal Party Proposals

It is time to propose to your best friends! By best friends, I mean your wedding party of course! Your best friends and family members have been with you through everything, good and bad, and so it only makes sense that they should also be a part of your wedding day. They should be standing up at the altar by your side while you marry the love of your life.

This monumentous occasion deserves to be grand! You do not want to simply text or call your friends and ask them to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Somebody who agrees to stand by your side on your wedding day is going to be putting a lot of time, effort, and money into doing so. This means that you should create a bridal party proposal that will be special and will make your best friend or close family member feel important and loved.

How do you propose to somebody and ask them to be a part of your wedding party? There are many ways to ask somebody to be in your wedding party, but it could include an adorable gift or maybe a cute scavenger hunt.

Let’s look at some examples for both men and women!

Bridesmaid Proposals:

Who doesn’t love a box full of goodies? Especially when those goodies are from somebody asking you to be their bridesmaid! You can get these filled with a bridesmaid shirt, a personalized tumbler, and a personalized make up bag while the lid says “Will you be my bridesmaid?”.

Keep it simple and gift your bridesmaids a tumbler that says the word bridesmaid or maid of honor. This is a more subtle but adorable way to give your ladies something personalized while asking them to stand by your side on your wedding day.

Puzzled on how to ask your favorite ladies to be your bridesmaids? What do you think about an actual puzzle that asks if they will be your bridesmaid? It is interactive, fun and such a cute way to surprise your closest family and friends!

Okay, this one is definitely my favorite! Who doesn’t love a bottle of wine, with a personalized sticker on it, and the sticker is asking if they will be your bridesmaid or maid of honor? Give them wine and there is no way that they can say no!

No woman can resist a candle! The amazing smells that they create coupled with the sentiment of asking somebody to be your bridesmaid is enough to make a girl cry!

A nice bracelet is always acceptable! It is a thoughtful piece of jewelry that will always remind that person of you and the day you asked them to be your bridesmaid. It can be worn daily but also at the wedding for all of the bridesmaids to be twinning!

Sometimes all that we need is just a cute card to make our entire day! This card has a photo of a bride and bridesmaid getting ready on the wedding day and asks if they will be your bridesmaid. This can be used alone or in conjunction with another gift.

First, I just want to say that these are so cute and serve a dual purpose! These make up bags can be personalized on the outside with a name and have an sweet little surprise question on the inside. It is also a great little make up bag, especially to use for your wedding day.

Shirts are great because it is something that your closest friends and family can use for years to come. These shirts can be utilized during other wedding events or activities such as while wedding dress shopping or during the bachelorette party.


When it comes to asking your groomsmen, generally a small and personalized gift such as a flask and zippo lighter are perfect! It ask the question of “Will you be my best man” while also serving a great purpose for storing alcohol during the wedding festivities.

If you want to have a sense of humor about asking your groomsmen to stand by you on your wedding day, this card with obligatory mustache photo acceptance just may be the way to go! It is hilarious to send this to your groomsmen and have them send a photo wearing the mustache back to you while also accepting.

Sometimes just a small bottle of alcohol is all a man needs. The cute note on the front requesting your closest family or friends services, is just the whiskey on the tongue. Get them drinking that bottle and they will say yes no matter what!

Another cute and interactive way to propose to your groomsmen is to give them an alcoholic beverage inside of these koozies! If they wish to accept, then they have to chug the beverage and then the fun begins.

A gift included with asking somebody to be in your wedding party is the best way to go. It is nice to give them a moment but also something that they can utilize in their daily lives. These playing card bottle openers will be used by your dudes for years to come and every time they pull it out, they will think of you.

If you’re down for it, you can always trick your groomsmen into saying yes with this free beer card! How can anybody resist free beer? They will scratch off the gold section and be in awe of what you are asking. It is a great way to surprise your guys.

Guys always want to get together and smoke a cigar, especially during important moments in their lives. I would definitely say that a wedding and wedding party proposal are important moments. Gift your groomsmen a cigar that you can all smoke together while also asking them to stand by you.

Something that every groomsmen can use is a good pair of socks for the wedding day so why not give a gift with a dual purpose? You can gift your groomsmen socks to wear at your wedding while also asking them to be in your wedding party.

There are so many ways to ask somebody to be a part of your wedding party and this is just the start. Use one of these ideas, search Pinterest or Etsy, and get creative. You only get to do this once so make it count!

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