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Engagement & Wedding Rings

Did your significant other pick out the perfect engagement ring and propose? Yay, then congratulations are in order! Now that you have the perfect ring, are you confused about if you need to purchase a wedding band as well? Why can’t you simply wear your engagement ring after the wedding? Why do you need a corresponding band that is just another expensive piece of jewelry to add to it? Do you even know the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring anyways? Let’s get into everything there is know about engagement and wedding rings as well as the rules surrounding both.

An engagement ring is generally a band with one dominant stone. This stone can be stand alone or it can be surrounded by other smaller stones. An engagement ring is generally given during a wedding proposal or soon after.

Engagement Ring Styles

There are so many shapes and sizes of engagement rings that it is best to do some research ahead of time before going to the jewelry store. Does your partner want a specific cut or size carat count? Do they want a solo diamond or do they want other small diamonds to encrust the large stone? Do they want an entirely diamond encrusted band or a simple plain band? Maybe you know for sure that they are going to want and engagement ring and wedding band so it just best to buy the set now?

A wedding band or ring is generally a plain metal band or even a simple diamond encrusted band given during the wedding ceremony and vow exchanges. The wedding band is worn from then on.

Wedding Band Styles

Wedding bands are generally a little bit simpler. There are really only a few styles and they are all fairly standard. It is really just a matter of matching the engagement ring style and color as well as knowing whether you want it to be plain, diamond incrusted or contoured to the engagement ring diamond. You also have to think if you truly want a wedding band on your finger with your engagement ring.

Obviously there is usually a very large price difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band as their size is often very different. Carats on an engagements rings generally range from 1-2 carats whereas a wedding band generally holds around 1/2 a carat if any carats at all. Some choose to do a simply plain band instead of adding more diamonds to a wedding band.

What is the most common way to wear your engagement and weddings rings?

The tradition says that you wear your engagement and wedding rings on your left hand on the finger closest to your pinky. Tradition also states that you should wear your wedding ring closer to your hand and your engagement rings farther from your hand so that the wedding ring is closer to your heart.

There are times when I see an engagement ring on one hand and a wedding band on the other and I kind of love that! It offers more of a chance to show off your bling!

When is the best time to pick out wedding bands?

The general rule of thumb is to shop for wedding bands no later than 2 months before the wedding day. You don’t want to get busy with other wedding planning and forget to make an appointment. If you have two months to get the wedding bands picked out and fitted, then they will be done in plenty of time!

You also want to leave enough time just in case anything goes wrong with the rings and the situation must be remedied. It isn’t often that something can go wrong however you definitely don’t want to take the chance of them not being ready in time. You also need to remember that you have to look for 2 weddings bands, one for each part of the couple so that is double the time it will take for a ring shop to get everything fitted. Leave yourself plenty of time!

Do you have to purchase both an engagement and wedding ring?

Which rings you choose to purchase is completely up to you! It is a personal preference if you want to have just an engagement ring or also a wedding band. If you are sticking with doing things the traditional way then you may want to consider both of the rings as it is timeless and classic. Tradition is definitely not as important to some people nowadays and that is why they opt for one ring instead of two.

Here are some of the reasons that many people opt for just wearing one ring:

  1. Many people don’t want the fuss of two rings. Two rings means you have to keep track of both the engagement ring and the wedding band.

  2. Many people find one ring a lot more comfortable.

  3. You won’t have to worry about finding two rings that completely match.

  4. You could save money by not purchasing a wedding band and spend that money on an even nicer engagement ring or another aspect for the wedding day or honeymoon.

No matter which route you choose to go, be sure that it makes you and your partner happy. In the end, that is the only thing that matters. You are going to be wearing the ring(s) for the rest of your lift so be sure that is something you decide on your own!

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