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Flower Girl Ideas

Flower girls are such an adorable way to give pure joy to all during a wedding ceremony. A flower girl is generally a young girl who sprinkles flower petals down the aisle right before the bride during a wedding processional. Flower girls are actually part of a very long tradition. The tradition of having a flower girl began in Ancient Rome and her purpose was to lead nd symbolize the innocence fading away, and her role as a mother and wife coming forward. Though there is a lot of tradition behind the flower girl role, times are changing and so are flower girls.

Instead of the traditional basket of flowers, let’s get into some of the new ideas surrounding flower girls!

Pets in a flower collar

Is this not the CUTEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN?? Animals are just the best and make some seriously amazing flower girls! An animal can be the star of the show or share the spotlight with a flower girl to help the animal walk down the aisle. Dress them up with a flower necklace, flower crown, or you can put flowers all the way down their back and tail! Everybody will be swooning over the adorableness!

Balloons to be released

If you are looking to change up the entire flower girl tradition, balloons always make for a great idea! Kids absolutely adore balloons so one great change is that they will love holding onto it and they will love letting it go when they get to the front of the aisle! The balloons can be big or small, colored or not, the string can be decorated or not. There are so many ways to still make it your own! Some people even write in the balloons as well.

A sign with a cute saying

Signs are in my opinion the greatest way to personalize your ceremony and create something specialized! These signs can be cute or funny. Signs at a wedding are always a crowd pleaser! Often times people write things like “Here come your bride” or “Last chance to run”. Signs are also a great plus because they don’t make a mess at the ceremony site!

Confetti instead of flowers

Confetti is so sparkly and cute! If you still want the flower girl to throw something but are tired of the same generic rose petals, maybe have them throw confetti! Throwing confetti is great for photos and makes for something unique. Kids love to throw anything, especially when it makes a huge mess! Your ceremony ground will sparkle with this new trick!

Flower girl in a wagon

If the flower girl is too young to walk, think about putting them in a wagon and having somebody wheel her down the aisle. If their parent is in the wedding party that would be cute for them to wheel the wagon or it could be a maid of honor or best man pulling it. No matter who does that job, an adorable little girl sitting in a wagon and rolling down the aisle is soooooo cute!

Bubbles instead of petals

Don’t want to make a mess at the ceremony but you still want the flower girl to have so much fun? Have you ever thought about bubbles? Bubbles are always a crowd pleaser and create such a beautiful illusion. They are fun and playful but classy at the same time and don’t leave a mess. Bubbles just might be the way to go if you are a fun couple!

A lantern for flowers

Do you still like the idea of your flower girls throwing petals but you are tired of the basket as a vessel? Lanterns are such a cute and easy alternative! Lanterns give the look of class while also holding the flower petals (or other material) for your flower girls to throw. They come in multiple colors and sizes and a light can even be added inside to add some extra oomph!

A floral ring

Floral rings are becoming extremely popular for bridesmaids and flower girls. Instead of having them hold a basket or bouquet, decorate a ring with flowers and have them carry that down the aisle. Floral rings are great for young girls who may not know how to throw the flower petals but you still want them to be a part of your processional.

Flower crown

Flower crowns are one of my favorite things ever! A flower crown is a head piece that sits on your flower girls head, often times with ribbons and bows attached. This is a great alternative if you want your flower girls hands free to hold a sign, etc. It still provides the flower aspect of being a flower girl while allowing them to do something else as well!

A flower man

The flower man has to be our new favorite! Who doesn’t love a grown man playing the part of a little girl and throwing flower petals all over the place? We especially love when they wear a fanny pack with flower petals in it to show off their true selves. If you want a sure crowd pleaser that will cause them to laugh like never before, consider a flower man!

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