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Heels are Not the Real Deal

High heels are traditionally the most common type of shoe for a bride to wear on her wedding day. They are absolutely gorgeous, provide height, and make you feel like a princess, but are they the right move? There are so many things that could go incredibly wrong when wearing heels…should they be worn for such a momentous occasion? Let’s outweigh the pro and cons of wearing heels for your wedding day!

Pros of wearing heels:


Heels are so stunning and come in so many shapes and sizes. There are classic white heels for the more traditional bride to bedazzled with a bow for that bride who wants to make a fashion statement. There are heels with a bow wrapping around the ankle to simple and elegant heels with a diamond heel piece. There are so many ways to make a fashion statement and feel like a princess in high heels.


For us short girls out there, we may need the bit of height that high heels can offer us. If you partner is 6’5″ and you are 5’2″ then you may want high heels so that your photos don’t look so awkward. High heels could also fix an issue that many have which is getting your dress hemmed to fit your height. Getting a dress hemmed can be expensive and heels might be the way to avoid that fee. Us short girls may also just want to feel tall for the day for absolutely no reason at all and there is nothing wrong with that.

The classic look:

Many woman have been dreaming of their wedding since they were a little girl. Often times their perfect vision included wearing heels and looking elegantly beautiful. Wearing heels can provide an elegant walk, can make your legs look longer, and can give you that princess feeling that you’ve always envisioned!

Cons of wearing heels:


While heels are extremely beautiful and elegant, THEY HURT! Do you want to be focused on your feet hurting all night instead of having fun? The wedding day is so incredibly long and just imagine wearing tall, uncomfortable heels all night long…during the ceremony, during photos, during dancing. It just does not seem like an enjoyable time. iHeight Issue:

While the short girls might want to wear heels to be taller, tall girls may not want to wear heels in fear of being too tall. No woman wants to be taller than the groom if they can help it. There are plenty of other shoe options out there such as flats that can give you that elegant look while not adding any height.


Walking in heels can be extremely difficult for many reasons other than the fact you may not have much practice doing it. Depending on the terrain of your venue, walking in heels could definitely be challenging. Grass makes heels sink, dirt and rock are so difficult to walk on in heels, and any sort of hill will prove challenging. It can be tough being graceful while wearing heels.

What to do:

There are many ways that brides combat the issue of wearing heels.

Heels just for photos:

Sometimes brides simply want to wear their heels during their photos for that classic look of heels. They essentially want to remember themselves as princesses wearing the heels, but don’t want to endure the pain of wearing heels the entire night. If you want the look of heels but don’t want to be uncomfortable, take them off while you aren’t taking photos. There are plenty of other options for shoe ware other than heels.


Flats are the perfect way to feel like a princess without wearing heels. They make flats that look just like heels but of course without the actual heel. You can find them bedazzled, with an ankle bow, or simple for that traditional look. Flats are definitely more comfortable than wearing high heels the entire night. You can move around easily, walk on any terrain, and dance the night away in flats.

Wear whatever you want because your feet aren’t even seen:

Unless you are wearing a tea-length or mini dress, your feet aren’t even going to be seen most of the night. The only way people will be able to see your feet is if you lift up your dress while wearing a long one. Be comfortable! Wear converse, wear vans, go barefoot! It is your day and you can do whatever you want! One of my favorites that I’ve seen is bedazzled crocs!!!

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