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Hi! I’m Bre❤️

Hello world!!

My name is Bre and welcome to my website! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to support me and hear about my passion! I would love to introduce myself and give you context as to what the focus of this website will be. Please feel free to contact me through my contact page if you have any questions at all! I would love to hear from you!

Alright…about me. I am in the hospitality industry specializing in event coordination. My main focus is weddings however I have planned more birthday parties, fundraisers, anniversaries and corporate meetings than I can even keep track of! I have had a passion for planning events since middle school and through hard work and dedication, my dreams came true about 3 years ago! While in college obtaining my BS in Hospitality Management, I got a part-time internship/job as an Event Coordinator. I have worked extremely hard over the past few years and have learned a lot about the professional world of events.

Okay, okay…I won’t ramble on about myself anymore, however, if you do want to learn more about my personal life and why I decided to join this field, be sure to check out the “about” section!

I will be posting twice a week with two main topics in mind: tips, tricks & wedding hacks as well as stories about the good, the bad & the ugly of weddings. A lot of people don’t fully comprehend all that happens behind the scenes of a wedding, whether it is difficult aspects of the planning process or the crazy stories that you seriously wouldn’t believe. I want to share these things with my followers and the world. Event Planning is not always fun and easy going…

Stop in every Monday to learn more about what tips, tricks, and hacks I have for wedding planning and every Thursday to hear stories about the insane weddings that I have been a part of!

Next week:

Monday: 2020 Covidsaster

Thursday: My Big Fat Virgin Wedding

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