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How to Deal with your Postponed Wedding

So you were trying to plan a wedding that got postponed because of coronavirus? HOW FRICKING ANNOYING!

Trust me though, you are not alone!! So many weddings have been postponed this year due to this pandemic and it has been tough! Tough on the couples and also tough on the entire wedding industry. Having group gatherings are what weddings are all about! You are supposed to get all of your closest loved ones and friends together to celebrate a monumental occasion. The group aspect was unfortunately taken away for a while due to coronavirus and is now allowed, however with minimal people and a lot of restrictions. Most people definitely did not envision covid weddings for their special day…

I mean, planning a wedding to begin with can be stressful, but now you are having to re-plan a wedding that you have already stressfully planned once because of a pandemic that decided to drive a wedge between you and love.I feel for you and know how difficult this must be. 2020 can suck it!!!

Don’t worry though because I am here! I have aided a lot of my clients in this replanning process and now I am here to help you too!

Here are a few tips to help you with replanning your postponed wedding!

  1. Call your venue!

  2. Call and see what the rules are at your venue right now! Rules and regulations vary from county to county and even by state. Make sure you know what the rules will be for your venue so that you know how to proceed!

  3. Also, make sure that there is no addition fees that they tack on for moving your wedding date. Some venues are taking advantage of people during this time so don’t be one of those people!

  4. Call your event insurance company (if this applies)!

  5. Call and make sure that your event insurance can transfer over to a new date before confirming with your venue and vendors. There may be additional fees or requirements to move your date and still be covered.

  6. Think about your new wedding date!

  7. Think about your new ideal wedding date but don’t confirm anything just yet! First, you should read step #4.

  8. Vendors…Vendors…Vendors!

  9. Call your vendors right away! You are going to have to reschedule with them. Make sure that they are available before you book a new wedding date with your venue.

  10. Be sure that your vendors have no additional fees for moving your date or for cancelling, if need be.

  11. Don’t forget anybody!

  12. Wedding Coordinator (if applicable)

  13. Photographer

  14. Videographer

  15. Florist

  16. Caterer

  17. Bakery

  18. Photo Booth

  19. DJ

  20. Live Musicians

  21. Beauty Team

  22. Officiant

  23. Rental Company

  24. Confirm a new wedding date!

  25. Confirm your new wedding date with your venue & vendors to make everything official. Make sure you have everything in writing or email to cover all of your bases.

  26. Inform your guests!

  27. Inform your guests of the new wedding date and help them make new accommodations. Guests might need to figure out new lodging or transportation methods so make sure to inform them ASAP once a new date is confirmed.

  28. Rethink your plans!

  29. Rethink all of your wedding plans while keeping the new rules in mind. You might have to rethink your guest count, amount of decor, logistics, etc. Make sure to keep your vendors updated as changes are made. Also, keep checking in with your venue to see if anything has changed.

  30. Grieve your original wedding!

  31. It is okay to be sad and to grieve the day that would have been. It absolutely sucks that the day you have been planning for so long is now postponed. Take your time and don’t let anybody rush your grieving process. We all deal with things differently, so YOU DO YOU!!

  32. Celebrate the day anyways!

  33. Celebrate the day that would have been your wedding with the love of your life! Do something to celebrate the day that would have been your happiest day together! Maybe do a small dinner with really close family or maybe do something romantic for just the two of you. You can also have the best of both worlds doing a small family dinner and something romantic after the fact as well! Don’t just sit there thinking about it all day. Distract yourself and do something fun with loved ones and your boo!

  34. Get excited about your new wedding date!

  35. You are still going to get married to that special someone and that is super exciting (especially after having to wait)! After you’ve grieved and have been able to arrange new plans, be happy that you still love each other and are going to spend the rest of your lives together! You will get your wedding day soon! LIVE LIFE IN LOVE<3

Hopefully this helps and provides you with some mental relief. Please reach out if you have any questions at all!

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