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Micro Weddings

Did you know that micro weddings are the new and most prevalent way to get married? Do you even know what a micro wedding is?

A micro wedding is a small and more intimate wedding. There are usually anywhere from 5 to a few dozen people in attendance. These weddings are ideal for couples looking for a more intimate wedding where they can use the extra cash they would have spent on more guests to make the details absolutely perfect!

These smaller weddings are perfect for covid-19 because they allow for social distancing but still let couples celebrate with their closest loved ones and friends.

Micro weddings are also a great option for couples who have been contemplating postponing or even cancelling their weddings but don’t want to wait to marry the love of their life!

Here are a few tips if you are interested in planning a micro wedding!

  1. Pick a venue

  2. With a smaller guest count, a venue should be much easier to find! It could be a backyard or even your favorite restaurant. Find a space that feels right to you and remember to find a space that fits all of your needs because you have that extra cash now!

  3. Food, booze and rock n’ roll!

  4. Make sure that you get the essentials! All weddings, no matter how small the guest count is, need to have great food, lots of alcohol and some dancing music!

  5. Hire the right vendors and make your wedding day pop!

  6. Though you may not need a full vendor team, make sure that you at least have the essential ones!

  7. Photographer- Capture these treasured moments!

  8. Florist- Make the area look gorgeous with fresh, handmade arrangements!

  9. Officiant- Make the marriage official and have an ordained officiant there!

  10. Beauty Team- Look absolutely stunning and gorgeous on your day!

  11. Get dressed up!

  12. You don’t have to wear a full on wedding gown and tuxedo, but you should get dressed up! This is a monumental occasion and you should be able to look back at these photos and remember the day as perfect!

  13. Make it special!

  14. Make it special not only for yourselves, but also for your guests who were important enough to you to invite! Think about even the smallest detail that your guests will adore and remember for years to come! This could be something with a personal touch such as a handwritten thank you or even a cute little party favor that leaves people remembering your micro wedding!

  15. HAVE FUN!

  16. It may have been stressful getting to this day but remember the reason that you are getting married! You are in love and that deserves to be celebrated! Have fun and don’t worry about the small things. Everything will work out in the end!

Micro weddings are definitely the new trend and there is no wrong way to do them! Just make the day your own and be sure whatever happens is going to make you happy and make the day memorable! Happy micro wedding planning!!! LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED!

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