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Ring Bearer Ideas

A ring bearer is traditionally such an important aspect to the wedding ceremony! Though they are not legally required to make a wedding official, they are a fun part of the wedding party and add a personal touch to the ceremony. A ring bearer is generally a young boy between the ages of 4-10 who carries the wedding rings down the aisle. Though this role has traditionally been taken by somebody younger, people are getting much more creative with who they choose.

Here are some fun examples of what you could have your ring bearer do:

Swap the pillow for something more fun and creative!

Though the ring pillow has been the most common method of ring transportation for decades, people are now changing it up and coming up with creative ways to have the rings carried down the aisle. Many couples are choosing to make it more personal to their theme and are choosing to use terrariums or their vows books. There are a million different things that can be used by the ring bearer, just make sure that whatever it is, it means something to you as a couple!

Add a sign to spice things up!

Some people don’t love the idea of the ring bearer actually carrying the wedding rings down the aisle but still want them to be a part of their day. There are so many ways to include a special person in your wedding party however signs just might be the most fun and entertaining way! These signs can say anything at all and they add so much personality to the ceremony. They can say things such as “Last chance to run” or “Here comes your girl”. If you choose to have your ring bearer holding a sign instead of rings, make it fun so that your guests can find some humor in your wedding ceremony!

Use an animal close to your heart!

Do you have a furry friend who is extremely important in your life? Do you want them to be a part of your special day somehow? Have you ever though about making them your ring bearer? There are so many ways to dress your dog up or attach the rings to them and include them in your wedding day. You can use a bow tie with the rings attached or dress them up in a little tuxedo for a dog. Furry friends create excitement and sentiment to your wedding ceremony!

Have them use a tiny car!

Who doesn’t love the idea of their ring bearer pulling up in style? Have your ring bearer drive a tiny motorized car down the aisle and just watch as your guests laugh and swoon over them. Any ring bearer can drive the tiny car down the aisle including a small child or a dog. If you have somebody controlling where the dog goes in the car, then it is one of the most adorable things anybody will ever see!

Pulled in a wagon!

Not only is it adorable to see a ring bearer drive up in a tiny car, but how cute is it to see them being pulled in a dressed up wagon? This is a great option for children who may not be old enough to walk or drive down the aisle. They can be pulled by their parent if they are also in the wedding party or by somebody else in the wedding party if they are comfortable with that. It is such an adorable way to create some laughter and cuteness during your ceremony!

Did somebody say ring security?

Want to create some true and serious laughter at your wedding? Get yourself some ring security to guard and protect those rings in the most adorable way! It is always great to dress them up, put a wire in their ear, and give them a brief case or lock box to carry down the aisle. It is sure to capture your guests attention and laughter while also creating a lasting memory from your wedding ceremony!

Ring Bearer…more like super hero!

Um…who wouldn’t want Superman to be their ring bearer? Another cute way to get your guests attention and create some fun during your ceremony processional is to have them rip open their shirt just to find out that they have a super hero costume on underneath. It adds so much character to your wedding ceremony and will make your guests laugh their butts off!

No matter how you choose to showcase your ring bearer, make it fun and creative! The days of having your ring bearer carry a pillow down the aisle are in the past and there are now so many fun and adorable ways to create a lasting moment from your wedding ceremony!

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