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Sweetheart Table VS. Head Table

The decision to have a sweetheart table versus a head table can be a difficult dilemma. Do you want to sit with your entire bridal party or would you prefer a small table for just you and your significant other? Would you prefer to be surrounded by all of your closest family and friends right next to you or would you like a low key table where you as newlyweds can get some alone time at dinner?

At your wedding, you will have control over where each of your guests sits if you would like. This means that you can create an entire seating chart if that is something you are interested in doing. When a couple begins creating a seating chart for their guests, they spend so much time thinking about what family to put at each table and what friends to seat together that they often forget about what they want and who they want to sit with. This is where the question comes into play: do you want a head table or sweetheart table?

What are the pros and cons of each?

Head Table

A head table is a large table that includes the newlyweds, the bridal party, and/or immediate family members to sit during dinner time.


  1. You are closely in the company of loved ones! Instead of sitting alone, you and your new spouse will be surrounded by those you love the most which can help calm any nerves you may have. Instead of sitting up there with just your spouse, your wedding party can help get rid of your post ceremony jitters and help prepare you for a night of dancing and fun!

  2. It is a great way to honor those who are closest to you! Any person who is a party of your wedding party has chosen to honor you, the newlyweds, on your most special day and that deserved to be celebrated. They have always been by your side but especially throughout your wedding planning process. Choosing a head table is a great way to honor those in your wedding party who felt honored to stand up with you on your wedding day.

  3. Your guests won’t feel as separated from you! Instead of being isolated at a table alone for dinner, you can sit with your wedding party while talking, laughing, and having a great time. Though it is a day for the newlyweds and to celebrate their love, all of the guests want to feel involved and you want to be involved with all of your guests too!


  1. You and your new spouse may not get any alone time together during your wedding. If you sit with all of your family and friends during dinner, then you won’t have any other alone time during the wedding reception to be alone and have a few moments just to talk to each other and feel the love.

  2. There may be difficult seating dynamics if your wedding party has significant others. Often times when a bridesmaid or groomsmen has a date and there is a head table, their date is not invited to also sit at the head table as they are usually not part of the bridal party. This can be weird for the date as they may not know anybody who they are seated with.

  3. A large table may alter the look you were hoping for. Depending on the size of the venue, a large head table may make your original floor plan undoable. A large table may take up too much space and cause all of your other tables to be in a weird pattern.

Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table is a much smaller table where the newlyweds sit on their own during dinner time.


  1. You can spend some rare alone time on your wedding day with your new spouse! Your wedding day is going to fly by so quick. Even though your wedding day is about celebrating you as a couple and your love, often times you won’t actually get any one on one time on your wedding day to celebrate together. A sweetheart table will allow for some couple alone time, especially if you aren’t doing a first look or some alone time after the ceremony.

  2. Your wedding party will have a better opportunity to mingle with others! Instead of having to line up at the head table and sit with the wedding party, they can mingle with whoever they please. It will also give your wedding party the opportunity to sit with their dates at the guest tables and it will make their dates more comfortable.

  3. It will make it easier to get up and converse with all of your guests! Instead of sitting at a table alone, you will likely want to get up and mingle about with your guests who have attended this event just for you. If you are at a head table, you may be having too much fun with your friends and might forget to mingle and thank everyone for coming.


  1. Your guests may feel separated from you during dinner time. If it is just you and your new spouse sitting at the table, guests may feel like they are so far from you and that you are not really a part of the group dinner feeling.

  2. Guests may feel uncomfortable approaching your table during dinner. A guest is not going to want to interrupt your alone time at your table because they don’t want to disturb you. If you are hoping for people to approach your table and chat, a sweetheart table may not be the best idea.

  3. You will have less time spent with you wedding party. Instead of sitting and eating while having fun with your wedding party, you will be sitting with just your new spouse. Don’t get me wrong that can be lovely, however your wedding party won’t get as much time to hang out with you.

Though it may seem like an impossible decision, go with whichever one makes the most sense for you on your special day! If you want to just sit with your new wifey or hubby, then by all means you should. If you want all of your wedding party to be at the table with you and your new spouse, then have a party. Again, your wedding is all about what you want and nobody else!!!

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