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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When I began working events, I was an Assistant Event Coordinator for a venue being trained by the current Event Coordinator. We began working on what was our second wedding of the year and I just got thrown right in there to help! She began showing me the ropes and was right there at this wedding with me to make sure that I knew how to handle each and every situation that may be thrown my way. She had me doing all of the paperwork involved, creating a timeline, creating a floor plan, and also emailing everybody back and forth. She was a great teacher and I learned a lot from her.

We also worked with a woman named Sabrina who owns Sabrina & Co Wedding Planning Service! She was the Wedding Planner for the couple that was about to be married at our venue. We each had our own responsibilites to tackle this wedding and make it a success however we still had to work together to get a lot it figured out. There were a few things that overlapped on our duties such as a floor plan and timeline so we went over those together to ensure that we were on the same page.

Sabrina was extremely easy to work with and did an amazing job. As well as learning from the venue coordinator that was training me, I also learned a lot from Sabrina. She taught me a lot about the day of decorating side simply by watching her. She was calm, or at least seemed calm, the entire time and looked professional while doing it. She also taught me that there is a way to be totally present and on top of things however seem invisible in the crowd. As a coordinator, this is key. The thing that I think she taught me most though was how to work with other planners. We all only want what is best for each other and each others businesses. The entire reason we are doing any of it is for the client and they are the only people that matter that day. Working well together is imperative to the success of the entire day!

Thank you Sabrina because even though you may not have known you were teaching me a lot, you truly were! I was a newbie and just being able to watch you do what you love gave me the confidence to do the same!

I will always remember this wedding and how beautiful it was! I will also always remember this couple and how in love they were! I love this wedding memory most!

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