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Thank You Cards

Here we go. It is time to write those wedding thank you cards that are oh so dreaded. Though it may seem like a daunting and difficult task, I promise you that it isn’t so bad. The quicker you get them finished and put in the mail, the happier you will be too!

Thank you cards are actually a lot simpler to write than most people think. They truly only need 3 things:

  1. say thank you

  2. name the gift they gave you

  3. say something about the gift

Simple as that! There is no need to write each person and entire essay. A thank you card is simply to thank the person who attended your wedding and got you a gift. It is a small token of your gratitude for them being a part of your special day and contributing to your new love endeavor.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin when writing your cards, here are some tips:

Writing Tips:

  1. Get Organized

  2. Keep the addresses of all people you sent an invitation to so that way you don’t have to obtain them again.

  3. Keep everything in a spreadsheet and that way you can also include what they got you for a gift in the spreadsheet too.

  4. Other things you might include are when you received the gift, when you sent the card, and maybe even another column for helpful notes!

  5. Start Right Away

  6. Begin writing the notes as soon as you receive the gifts. This will help you by not creating a huge pile of cards to write later on.

  7. Writing them right away will help make it so you don’t forget to write them as well.

  8. Have a System

  9. I can be so exciting opening all of those gifts! Most people just tear through and open then as fast as possible but slow down. You might not know who got it for you if you don’t look at the card.

  10. I recommend looking at who got you the gift, writing their name down, opening the gift, and writing exactly what they got you. This way you have a flawless system and know exactly who got you what.

  11. Work in Batches

  12. You don’t have to do all of them in one day or one sitting. You can work in batches.

  13. Schedule an hour or two everyday where as a couple you can go through the gifts and write thank you cards. That way you don’t burn yourself out.

  14. Share the Work

  15. Not one person has to do all of the work. Share the work and you will get it done a lot quicker.

  16. Teamwork will make writing names down and opening presents seamless as their is a person to do each job.

  17. Keep Stationary to Theme

  18. It is always best to stick with your color palette or theme when picking our thank you cards. If the original colors were blush and gold, then the invitations should represent those colors as well.

  19. If you had a design on your invitations that also tied into your wedding then, again, you should stick with it.

  20. Make it Specific

  21. Thank you cards should be specific. You are thanking them for getting you a gift and sharing your wedding day with you.

  22. Be sure to include what they got you, what you like about it, how you plan to use it, etc. Example: If they got you a cappuccino maker then talk about how you plan to make each other cappuccinos every morning and spend some alone time together. People love those details.

Writing Etiquette:

  1. Hand Write Them

  2. The only way to write a thank you note is to hand write them. If you simply print them and sign them then they don’t feel very personal. You are trying to thank somebody for getting you a wedding gift so a note to them should be as personal as possible.

  3. Include All Names

  4. Be sure to see exactly who signed the gift and don’t leave anybody out. If the gift was signed by The Johnson Family then you should address your thank you card to the entire family. If it is signed just one name, then you just have to write one name such as Carol. If it is a family member, then it is okay to write their family name such as Grandma or Aunt Bonnie.

  5. Write them Promptly

  6. Send out the cards as soon as you complete them! It is recommended to get them completed within a week of the wedding or returning from the honeymoon.

  7. Do not wait until you complete them. It is alright to send them out in batches.

  8. Specify the Amount for Money

  9. Let’s debunk something real quick. It is alright to specify how much money was received from someone. Putting the amount in the thank you card let’s them know you received it and verifies the amount you received. It’s not a secret because they know much they sent you.


For People Who Got You a Gift off Your Registry:

Dear (guests name), Thank you so much for the waffle iron! Alex and I have become serious about our waffles and are excited to be able to make our own at home. We’d love to have you over for brunch soon so you can see it in action! Thank you again for being a part of our wedding day. Thanks again, Alex & Bre

For People Who Got You a Monetary Gift:

Dear (guest), Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding day with us! Alex and I were thrilled with your extremely generous and thoughtful gift of $100. Thanks to you, we were able to purchase an extra night at the hotel for our honeymoon. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love, Alex & Bre

People Who you Don’t Know Well:

Dear (guest), Thank you for the stunning candle holders. They will look absolutely beautiful on our mantle. It was so lovely to see you at the wedding. My mother always speaks so fondly of you and Tanya and I was so happy to finally meet you in person! Sincerely, Alex & Bre

For People Who Gave You an Unfamiliar Item:

Dear (guest), Thank you again for being a part of our big day, as well as for the thoughtful gift. It means so much to us that you traveled so far to celebrate with us. Alex and I feel lucky to have you in our lives! Best, Alex & Bre

For People Who Shard in a Group Gift:

Dear (guest), Thank you so much for the beer cooler. It will definitely be getting a lot of use in our new home! We are so lucky to have friends who know us so well and we can’t wait to have a cold one with you soon’ Warmly, Alex & Bre

For People Who Got You a Gift That you Don’t Love:

Dear (guest), Alex and I want to thank you for the wooden cutting board. The design is so beautiful and the engraving is the perfect touch. You have great taste! We are so happy you were able to make it to our wedding! Sincerely, Alex & Bre

For People Who Couldn’t Attend but Still Sent a Gift:

Dear (guest), Thank you so much for the set of wine glasses. It was so kind of you to think of us! Alex and I wish you could have been there on our wedding day and it wasn’t the same without you. We’re looking forward to more opportunities to celebrate together in the future! Love, Alex & Bre

For People Who Traveled to See You:

Dear (guest), Thank you so much for making the long trip to celebrate our special day. It meant so much to Alex and I that you traveled all the way from Colorado just for us. We hope you had as much fun as we did! Love, Alex & Bre

For Those Who Were in Your Wedding Party:

Dear (guest), Thank you so much for being my Maid of Honor! You mean so much to Alex and I. Having you by my side throughout this process and on our wedding day made it all the more special. We can’t wait to share more meaningful experiences with you! Maybe your wedding next time… Love, Alex & Bre

For Your Parents:

Dear (parent’s), Thank you so much for being a part of our big day and for the love and support you’ve given Alex and I. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without you. I will always cherish the heartfelt speech you gave. We can’t wait to build a future together, all of us family. Love, Alex & Bre

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