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Thank You Gifts for Parents

Your parents have probably done more than their fair share of work for your wedding day and that is something to be extremely thankful for! It is custom for the couple to purchase thank you gifts or favors for their guests, so why shouldn’t the people who put some of the most work in get an even more special and sentimental gift?

Here are some great ideas for gifts to thank your parents that they will cherish forever:

A handkerchief to have and cry into while their child is getting married…what’s better than that? Well, maybe if the handkerchief also had a special message on it. These are a sure way to make your parents also feel special on your wedding day.

This personalized, hand written letter box is one of the cutest gifts that I have seen yet! First of all, you can personalize it and it can be in your handwriting…THAT’S AMAZING!

How could a personalized sound wave of your voice not be the perfect gift to your parents for all their love and support? You can send in a recording to this company and they can take your message, put it into a sound wave, and print it!

A side by side of their wedding and your wedding? HOW CUTE!! This is a gift that your parents will truly treasure forever and get to look at each and every day. You also get to add in a little note to them!

This personal sized pocket mirror with an adorable note on it is sure to make your mom cry! This is a gift that somebody can carry with them not only the day of the wedding, but every day!

A personalized wine label for your in-laws…there is no better way to a person’s heart! You can write them a cute message and they can cherish this bottle, empty or not, forever!

Want to get them a gift that is useful and also sentimental? If they love to cook then this is the PERFECT gift! You can write a message to them that they will see every time they need a wooden spoon.

This cutting board is extremely special and is a great quality gift! You can have a message or family recipe engraved into it and make it super personal. Any parent is sure to love this gift!

Another one for mom that is amazing! This interlocking necklace is to die for and will show your mom that you love and cherish her always!

We have one for dad! Gift dad this tie patch and have him wear it during your wedding. It is such a sentimental and person to you and him item that he is sure to love it. Be careful, he may even shed a tear or two!

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