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The Importance of a Good DJ

DJ’s play a larger role in weddings than many people realize! They are generally known for playing music and then sitting there for the rest of the night changing the song, however, that is merely just the beginning of what a DJ truly does during a wedding.

A lot of aspects that a DJ helps with for a wedding fly under the radar and most don’t even realize that they actually play a much more integral part of the day. Aside from playing music and creating playlists, a DJ can also help with things such as:

Providing high end sound equipment & ensuring that it works!

High end and working sound equipment is paramount for your wedding day! Without proper working speakers, microphones, and a professional sound system, your guests probably won’t be able to hear you say your “I Do’s”, hear the music to your first dance, and they definitely won’t be able to hear your Maid of Honor’s speech while she is also crying into the microphone. I can’t stress enough how important high end sound equipment truly is because without it, guests will be confused and won’t be able to hear the entire time. They also ensure that all equipment is working and then it isn’t on you to fix equipment that you have no idea how to work.

Supplying additional lighting

Many venues require you to bring in extra lighting if that look is something that interests you. DJ’s often times already have additional lighting and know how to set it up quickly and efficiently! You may want some uplighting on the walls or trees, ask your DJ! You may want some dancing strobe lights that go along with the music…ASK YOUR DJ! They can usually provide that and if for some reason they can’t, they might know what you can get it.

Helping keep the timeline on track

Dj’s are essentially one of the many glues holding an event together. If you have a coordinator, they will take lead on creating and helping keep the timeline, however they generally ask the DJ to make the announcements and keep the timeline moving forward. It makes the job of a coordinator so much easier when a DJ can take the reins by guiding the wedding in the correct direction. I once had a DJ who refused to speak during the entire wedding and therefore I had to take the reins and microphone to get the timeline moving. Luckily I could do it, but I had many other jobs that I was supposed to be doing instead of one that the bride and groom were paying somebody else to fulfill. A DJ is integral in this part of the night!

Emceeing the entire evening

The DJ is generally the emcee of the entire night and is the one trying to keep the entire show together and moving forward. Think of the emcee as a host and the person who will be guiding your guests throughout the night. They will be the one making announcements for dinner, dancing, toasts, bouquet/garter toss, etc. A DJ makes it so that you are not having to provide all of this information and you can enjoy yourself instead. A professional DJ knows how to be a great emcee and knows how to get the crowd quieted down or moving on to the next segment.

Setting the mood & getting people on the dance floor

A DJ is the one who helps set the mood during your entire wedding night. It isn’t just about them playing music, but about when to play the right music to fit the mood and understanding the crowd that is present. They will be able to tell if your crowd just wants to rage or if they want a more relaxed evening while still having a great time! A skilled DJ will also know when it is time to pump up the crowd and get some people moving on that dance floor!

Covering up any slight mishaps

DJ’s have the great power to cover up any slight mishaps that may happen by simply playing more music. Nobody will even know that the first dance is ten minutes late as long as there is still music playing and people are having a good time. There have been times where DJ’s at weddings i’ve been planning have had to fill time because the father of the bride was in the restroom. Any pro DJ can fix a small issue with the click of a button and nobody will even notice.

Prepping for the wedding day

A lot of people think that a DJ gets to simply show up and that their jobs are extremely easy but that is not the case. Many people don’t see all of the work that a DJ does behind the scenes in the months to weeks leading up to a wedding. They have to meet with the clients multiple times to understand what they want and then they have a lot of other work to do including making playlists, ensuring they have all of the requested songs, making sure all equipment is working, coordination with timing and the venue, and making sure they have a copy of the timeline. They do a lot more than people realize to make sure that the day is spectacular!

I always recommend to people that they spend a little bit extra money to get a fantastic and professional DJ and not just play music through an aux cord. While you may not think it will make a difference, it truly will. The DJ plays so many roles throughout your entire wedding day that it is worth getting one who knows exactly what they are doing and have done it before. A good DJ can truly make or break a wedding!

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