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The One Where the Bride & Groom Almost Fist Fight

Oh yes, you did read that title correctly!

This is the one where I discuss the time that a bride and groom almost got in a fist fight during one of my weddings. Such a fun night to remember…NOT!!!

Let’s start from the beginning so you can get the full picture of what happened.

The mother of the bride was the first person who I spoke with and she is the one who hired me to plan her daughters wedding. It wasn’t too uncommon for a mom to be that involved so I didn’t originally think much about it.

I didn’t actually meet the bride and groom until we were looking at a venue. During our very first meeting, I couldn’t really get a read on these clients. They had sort of a weird dynamic between them and I couldn’t figure out why. They also had a weird dynamic with the bride’s mom and there seemed to be some weird tension in the room every time we were talking about their wedding. They seemed like really nice people but it felt like they were scared to put forth their own opinion…about their own wedding!

This, I did find strange. I do not like it very much when the couple has their own opinions but can’t voice them. This day is supposed to be about them and what they want, not the mom! I have always been an advocate for it being the couples day and nobody else should get a say in what they want..unless they ask for help. Come to find out, the mom was taking control of the plans for a reason.

I didn’t truly know what was going on until the wedding day. They put on a very tough exterior every other time I had met with them. The day of the wedding the bride showed up crying at 8:00 in the morning. I knew that couldn’t be a great sign for the rest of the day. When one thing goes wrong at the start of the day, the rest of it just seems to fall apart.

The bridesmaids calmed her down and she didn’t want to talk to me, a sort of stranger, about it. They went on with getting ready for the wedding and we got through the majority of the entire day without any other issues. I never did find out why she was crying however I can assume after what happened next.

When the alcohol hit, mouths began flying off the handle…..

About thirty minutes before the event was over, the bride began yelling about everything! Their entire life story was being spilt. I won’t go into super major details but I will give you the juciest one of them all….

She was screaming about how there was another girl attending the wedding who he had cheated on her with….

WHOOP THERE IT IS! The big secret was finally revealed. That was why everybody was always so tense at the meetings, including the mom. They knew about the fact that he cheated a long time ago but it blew up when the bride got some alcohol in her system and saw the girls face at the wedding.

Anyways, it started getting really out of hand and that is when I had to jump in and try to keep them from yelling at each other in the middle of their wedding with guests still around. I was trying to talk the bride down and tell her that it wasn’t worth it in front of all these people. At that point I truly don’t think she cared who was there…she wanted to rip his throat out!

She ran toward him with a fist in the making and muliple people jumped in and began holding her back. Thank goodness because that saved me a lot of paperwork..

They continued just screaming at each other and didn’t want to listen to what anybody else was saying. The mom even tried to step in at one point and calm them down however her presence wasn’t even helping this time.

I did unfortunately have to tell them that if they couldn’t calm down, I was going to have to call the police. That was the rule of the venue and telling people that usually does calm them down a bit as well. Fortunately, the bride decided that she was simply going to leave and I never saw her again. The groom continued to celebrate until the wedding was over.

Weirdest end to a wedding that I have ever encountered. There was almost a fist fight and the couple left separately.

Before you ask, I do not know if they ended up staying toether or not. After their wedding, I never heard from them again.

If I can give anybody getting married one major piece of advice..


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