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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are more important that a lot of people realize. Most people think that they are simply for show and are just to give guests a date and time, but…they are actually so much more than that.

Weddings invitations are the first formal way to show your guests your personal style for your wedding and include other important information for the day.

I am going to share with you the proper steps to take when creating your wedding invitations including when to send them out and what should be included!

Timeline: When should I send out all of my paper good products?

  1. 7-8 months before your wedding:

  2. Send your save the date cards! Save the date cards are a cute way to let your guests know that you are getting married, what day you will be getting married, and that they will be invited! Save the date cards don’t need to have a lot of information on them, as they are just a quick way to let your guests know not to make plans on your wedding date. Be careful not to send too many save the date cards and only send them to the people you know will be invited! It is good to set a budget and make an official guest list before sending these out.

  1. 6 months before your wedding:

  2. Order your wedding invitations! Usually you want to give at least 2 months for the invitations to be created and sent back to you. It may not take that long but it is always better to be prepared. You will also need time to get your invitations back, stuff them, label them, stamp them, and send them out to your guests. Order a few extra just in case! Sometimes couples send all of them out and don’t keep any for themselves…

  1. 3 months before your wedding:

  2. Send out your wedding invitations! You don’t want to send them out any earlier because guests won’t reply as urgently if they know they have ample time to respond. I know it may seem like 3 months isn’t a long enough time but it is! Don’t get too antsy and send them out too early.

What to include in your wedding invitations!

  1. Main Invitations:

  2. The first thing that should stated is who will be getting married! Some people choose to include their parents names as well because they are also hosts of the event. An example would be [Bride’s Parents’ Full Names] invite guests to celebrate the marriage of their daughter [First & Middle Name] to [Groom’s Full Name], with option to include son of [Groom’s Parents’ Full Names]. If you want to make it less formal then you can say together with their families or the parents of without names. A monogram on the invitation is another way to personalize it!

  3. The second thing should be when the wedding will take place! Most people write out the entire date and time of the ceremony to make it more formal however that is up to your preference. Simply make sure the day, month, and year are on there with a time and that should work!

  4. The third thing should be where your wedding is taking place! You should list your venue location with an address for those who don’t know where it is. If there isn’t room for an address on the invitation, an insert card can be added!

  5. The fourth thing should be about the reception to follow or maybe a quick note about the attire so guests come prepared for the weather! I always recommend putting reception to follow and placing information about the weather and attire on an insert card so that the actual invitations look classy and professional but everything is up to preference.

  1. RSVP Cards:

  2. Include a place for guests to write their names and to select how many people they are RSVPing for.

  3. IF guests are preselecting an entree for a plated meal, that should be an option on the RSVP card as well.

  4. Create an RSVP by date about 1 month before the wedding so that you know who will be attending and have ample time to create a seating chart and can get your final guest count to your vendors.

  5. Make is easy and simple for guests to reply by including a pre stamped envelope.

  6. If you don’t want to pay for your guests return postage, there are other ways to get RSVP’s such as your wedding website or a call or text.

  1. Insert Cards:

  2. You can have 1 insert card or 5 if that makes more sense to your flow of events.

  3. Insert cards ideas include:

  4. reception information

  5. hotel information

  6. venue information

  7. venue map

  8. other events pertaining to your wedding that weekend

  9. rehearsal dinner information

  10. wedding website

  11. wedding registry information

In the end, it is your wedding and you should create your invitations based on your preferences. This is simply meant to be a guide to help guide you through that process!

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