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I thought it was time to talk about the men for just a moment!

It is just as important for the guys to be looking dapper on their wedding day. Though there may not be quite as many options for men, there are still some decisions to make about their attire and style. Do they want to wear a tuxedo or a suit? What color? What style? What color shirt? What type of tie? What color tie? How about a pocket square? So many decisions…

Let’s talk about the options and how to decide which is right for you.

What is the difference between a tuxedo and a suit?

A tuxedo is a lot more formal, traditional, and timeless. The biggest things that sets a tuxedo apart from a suit is the satin details. Tuxedos have satin lapels, satin covered buttons, and a satin stripe down each pant leg. They also have no belt loops so that is why suspenders are often used. Tuxedos are most often worn with a bowtie and should also be worn with cuff links.

A suit is more casual, versatile, and in trend. Suits are typically made of only one fabric and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Suits are typically accompanied by a collared shirt, vest, belt, tie, and matching socks. Suits typically come in 3 pieces and are perfect for a stylish wedding but where it is a little bit more casual.

A good rule of thumb when deciding between the two is to speak with your partner and decide what style and aesthetic you are going for. If you want a black tie, formal event then you should wear a tuxedo. If you want a nice but casual event then wear a suit. Either way you are going to be looking spiffy!

Renting or Buying…that is the question!

Renting is generally a lot cheaper than buying but there are a few things to consider. Tuxedos are usually pretty expensive and most people don’t need it more than once so those are generally rented. With suits it really just depends. If you are planning to ever need to wear a suit again in your life, you might want to consider purchasing.

If you are being budget conscious and don’t want to spend a lot of money right now, renting is usually the way to go because:

  1. it is more affordable

  2. Purchasing a suit can cost several hundreds of dollar and tuxedos can cost up to a thousand or more dollars. Renting will cut that cost exponentially.

  3. the groomsmen will all match. Renting your suits or tuxedos will ensure that all of the groomsmen are wearing the exact same outfit including all of the accessories. It happens often when all of them bring their own blue suits and they are a few shades off from each other.

  4. it saves closet space. Storing a suit or tuxedo requires a garment bag and that definitely takes up precious space in a closet. The groomsmen will be happy sending their suits/tuxedos back at the end of the day.

Whether you are purchasing or renting a suit/tux, you want to ensure that it fits properly. Most shops offer free measuring and tailoring and some places even allow for at home try ons with free returns.

What color suit will go best with your wedding?

The next decision after style and fit is to choose a color. Do you want to have the traditional black and white wedding or should you add a pop of color into those dapper outfits?

Black Wedding Suits & Tuxedos:

  1. Black is timeless and you cant go wrong.

  2. Black goes with literally anything. If you are nervous to match colors and suits/tuxedos, opt for black.

  3. Black allows for multiple styles, especially with tuxedos as different lapels can be worn.

Colorful Wedding Suits & Tuxedos:

  1. Color will make a statement and can represent your style!

  2. Color allows for easy mix and match and you can use various shades of one color.

  3. Color makes coordination in the outfits easier with your significant other.

Proper Groomsmen Accessories for Success!

  1. Dress Suits

  2. Dress shirts come in every color and pattern under the sun. You can choose the between plain or pleated and can choose your collar and cuffs. Make sure to know which type of tie you are going to wear before selecting a dress shirt.

  3. Vests

  4. Adding vest makes your look a three piece suit instead of just a two piece suit. Vests are another fun way to add color or pattern to your outfit.

  5. Cummerbunds

  6. Cummerbunds are a waist accessory that accompany tuxedos. They are traditionally worn with a bowtie and not a regular style tie.

  7. Suspenders

  8. Suspenders make you look cool and also help keep your pants on your waist the entire night. These also come in multiple colors and patterns.

  9. Belts

  10. Belts are another method of holding your pants up. The color generally depends on the color of the suit. The shoes and belt should also match.

  11. Pocket Squares

  12. A pocket square is a handkerchief folded and tucked into the jacket pocket. It is just another way to add color and spunk.

  13. Cufflinks

  14. Cufflinks are essentially jewelry for your dress shirt cuffs. If you’re wearing a tuxedo then the cufflinks should match the shirt studs. For a suit, you can get as creative as you like or choose to not wear them at all.

  15. Ties

  16. A tie or a bowtie…that is up to you! Just know that these come in multiple colors and patterns and should match the pocket square.

  17. Socks

  18. Socks are usually pretty invisible but it’s always awesome to see a crazy sock peek out from under the pant leg.

  19. Nice Shoes

  20. Your shoes and belt should match as mentioned and unless you all plan to wear clean vans or converse, wear a nice pair of dress shoes. These shoes should go good with the color of the suit.

No matter which style, color, or design you go for, it is important that you feel your best!

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