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Unique Guest Books

A wedding guest book is something that you are going to keep forever. It is a keepsake memory from that special day in your life. Do you want some book that is going to be put away in a box never to be seen again? Why not get creative and have your guests sign something that can be hung in your house or even put on a table for all to see when they visit?

Let’s look at some creative and unique ways to create a guest book!

A puzzle guest book can be so much fun! You can have each guest sign a puzzle piece and then put the puzzle together with your significant other a few days after the wedding. A puzzle guest book can also be sealed or put in a frame and hung on the wall! A perfect way to remember your wedding day!

An engraved bench with your initials or last name is such a cute way to remember your wedding day and each guest who attended. It will also be a keepsake memory to put in your house or your yard to be used forever. It can be sealed if you are going to put it outdoors.

I seriously think this is one of the cutest ideas ever! It reminds me of the love wall in Paris where you can leave a lock with writing on it. You can purchase mini locks and have your guests write their names or a memory on it before they attach it to a wire frame forever. Not only is this unique but it is also something that can hang on your wall in your home forever and never go out of style.

If you want something unique but classy at the same time then this is the guest book for you! This wooden circle with a last name and the year you get married will stay relevant forever. It is timeless and adorable. Your guests can sign wherever they please and it can be sealed to stay good. This will look adorable hanging on any wall, anywhere!

This clear acrylic guest book sign is a bit more modern and extremely cute! If you are looking for a clear sign that will always stay classy and chic and look amazing on your walls, then this is definitely the one! We recommend using white markers on this one so that the writing shows up easily!

This is a neat item because it is something that can be hung on a wall or set on a table! There is one large glass piece with your names and wedding date on it and then your guests can each take a small wood piece, write on it, and put it in the container for safe keeping always! It makes it easy to go back and ready what your guests said as well!

This one is so sentimental and perfect! Get the star formations in photo form from your first day dating, the day you got engaged, and the day you get married! These are known as the first day, the yes day, and the best day…how cute is that? This can be framed and hung forever not only to remember your guests that attended the wedding, but also to remember your first, yes, and best days!

Who doesn’t love a good game of jenga? Now imagine that jenga being your guest book and getting to play with those pieces for the rest of your lives. Adorable right? Have each guest write a memory or piece of advice on a jenga piece and read them each time you play to remember that day or that lovely advice! I do recommend putting a sealer on them as the pen may waar off over time.

This abstract piece of art is actually a guest book! Each individual wood piece comes off so that your guests can write on them. Put them back together and create whatever design fits your living space. It is also fun when you need a pick me up to go back and read what your wedding guests wrote.

A large letter to represent your new last name…YES PLEASE! This can really be made out of any material and can be engraved with names and a wedding date. Have your guests sign away and hang this on a wall in your house to relive your special day forever!

If you know me then you understand why this one is my absolute favorite! First of all, wine. What’s not to like? Second, each bottle has a different amount of time on it in years. This means that in one year, 5 years, or 10 years the couple can open the bottles of wine on their anniversary and read what their guests wrote for them. HOW CUTE!!!

A quilt to keep your love warm and light the spark forever!!! You can do this one of two ways. Either have your guests sign individual squares of fabric that aren’t yet sewn into a quilt or have the quilt already put together and ask your guests to sign a square. I recommend having just squares of fabric so that way you can place each square in a spot that you like when the wedding day is over.

There are so many ways now for a guest book to be creative and unique! I absolutely adore the thought of being able to look up on a wall every day or look over at a table or mantle and remember the amazing day that your wedding was. It is also quite easy to DIY creative guest book ideas. Get to searching and find some thing that you can adore forever!

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