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Wedding “Seasons”

What is the best “season” to get married? Each person obviously has different preferences on their favorite season but here is what each of them offers and what to look out for when deciding on a wedding date.

Spring: March-May

The Lee’s Photography


-Spring weather brings warming temperatures and beautiful blossoming flowers! Weather is generally getting warmer (between 60-75 degrees) after those cool winter chills but obviously it depends on where you’re located. Make sure to check out the normal spring temperature in the area where the wedding will take place so that you know what to expect. If it could be a cool day, make sure to include a little note on your invitations to dress accordingly and to bring a jacket and ALWAYS have a backup plan in case of emergency. Maybe your venue has an indoor area or a tent can be rented.


-More people might be able to attend because they will be in town and their own vacations shouldn’t interfere.

-It is an absolutely beautiful time of year because everything begins to bloom. Flowers are popping up, greenery is fresh and vibrant, and the air is crisp and refreshing!

-Spring color palettes are gorgeous, think vibrant and colorful like pinks, purples and yellows!


-Weather can be unpredictable depending on where you live and rain can be an issue.

-Vendor and venue pricing begins to get more expensive because dates are in higher demand.

Summer: June-August

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-Summer usually means warm weather and sunshine! It is extremely unlikely that it will rain during the summer months. Depending again on where you live, the temperature is generally pretty warm (between 85-100 degrees) but usually becomes beautiful later in the evening. If you know it might be really hot, offering your guests some amenities might make them more comfortable. This could be a hand held fan, putting misters up somewhere, and making sure there are cold beverages available throughout the evening. Make sure your guests know that it will be hot and then they can plan accordingly.


-Weather is amazing and the likelihood of it raining is extremely low.

-Perfect time for those who want an outdoor wedding.

-Many don’t mind traveling or taking time off as much during summer months.


-Weather can be HOT! Especially in July and August..

-Vendors and venues book up quickly because of the high demand.

-Rates typically go up in the summer months because it is peak wedding season.

Fall: September-November

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-Fall generally means cooler temperatures, colorful landscapes, and cozy fall clothes! Weather generally begins cooling down in the fall after those warm summer months but again, that depends on where you’re wedding is located. Often times, weather will be between 70-75 degrees but can get chilly as the night goes on. Fall can be similar to spring where you should remind your guests to bring a jacket in case they get cold and to dress accordingly. Some amenities such as blankets or shalls are a great way to make your guests more comfortable. ALWAYS have a backup plan in case of bad weather!


-Weather cools off and in early Fall is when you hit ideal temperatures!

-Gorgeous time of year with leaves change colors!

-Pricing may be lower because peak wedding season is coming to an end.


-Weather can be variable and it could rain or snow depending on where you’re located.

-School is back in so that could affect the attendance of guests children.

-The sun begins to set earlier and could be an issue for photography purposes if it is an outdoor wedding.

Winter: December-February

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-Winter consists of colder weather, warmer sweaters, and sometimes even snow! Winter is the most varying season for weather depending on location. In some places, it might be raining occasionally and the temperature could be 45 degrees but in other places it might be snowing and the temperature could be 10 degrees. It is extremely difficult to do weddings outdoors in the winter because weather is so unpredictable, so indoor venues should be preferred. If you want to do an outdoor wedding in the snow, be sure to choose a place you know it is going to snow that time of year. Also, make sure your guests know of the weather situation and always have a backup plan!


-Vendors and venues aren’t as busy during the winter months so you should be able to get your first choice and it might even be cheaper.

-The honeymoon cost will generally be cheaper because winter is off season for vacation traveling too!

-Guests might have time off already in the winter because of the holidays so they may be more inclined to travel.


-Weather is generally cold, rainy, or snowy no matter where you are.

-It may be difficult for guests to make travel plans around the holidays.

-Sunset happens around 4:30pm because of daylight savings so planning around light could be challenging.

My favorite season:

-I have always had a favorite season for weddings and that is Fall! I love the fact that the weather is typically cooler because summer weddings have potential to be miserable. I also love that the leaves are changing colors and the color palettes are stunning! That might just be my preference but there is definitely a reason that September is always crazy busy for me..


Whichever season you decide on for your wedding, be prepared, know what to expect and ALWAYS have a backup plan!

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