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When to Take your Honeymoon

When should you leave for the honeymoon after your wedding?

Well, that is entirely up to you but there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Traditionally, the couple would leave right after the reception. Often times they would just right on a plane but sometimes they would stay in a hotel near the airport and leave early the next morning. It is now becoming more common to delay the trip by a few days or even months. What is the best option for you?

Taking the honeymoon immediately:

If you are looking for that traditional wedding that is so romantic you can’t stand it, then leaving immediately might be a great option for you! Leaving for the honeymoon right after the reception feels so exciting and like an adventure. You get to prolong the wedding excitement and keep the good times rolling. You woke up as a single woman and you are ending the night as a married woman and flying off to some amazing destination with the love of your life! It also means that you get to avoid post wedding chores like returning tuxedos or figuring out what to do with all of the decorations…for a little while anyways.

Though it can be such a high to go straight into your honeymoon, there may also be some downsides too. First thing, you are going to be absolutely exhausted after all of the planning, getting ready, and just the absolute high of your wedding day. This might make you lazy for the first day or two of your honeymoon. Another reason could be that you have to leave right when the party is getting good. Sometimes the party doesn’t start getting good until it is just about over and that might be when you have to make your grand exit and go to the airport.

Waiting a few days to leave for your honeymoon:

It is quite common now for couples to wait a few days before they take off for their getaway. This gives the couple a chance to enjoy their wedding right until the end, sleep at the same hotel as their guests, and even have a lovely goodbye brunch the next morning. Many couples don’t see the guests attending often enough and want to utilize this time to hang out and talk for a while.

There are also a lot of things that need to be done even after a wedding is over and staying to see those through is not a bad idea. Tuxedos need to be returned, wedding gifts need to be opened, thank you cards need to be sent out, vendors might still need to be paid, and it will also give you a lot more time to pack. Many people don’t realize the things that need to be done after a wedding and if you leave immediately, you have to trust that somebody else will do those things on time and correctly.

There are definitely going to be a few downsides to waiting a few days to leave for your honeymoon too. That “I just got married feeling” might wear off, doing so many post wedding things means less time with your new husband, and you might crash and be so exhausted that going on a trip is the last thing you want. Outweighing your options is up to you!

Waiting a few months to leave for your honeymoon:

Postponing a honeymoon for a few months after your wedding is a lot more common than you’d think. A lot of couples don’t feel like planning a honeymoon at the same as their wedding and that is completely understandable! Other reasons might be that you can’t get anymore time off of work at the moment, the weather a few months down the line might be better at that location, and maybe you need to get your finances in order after an expensive wedding.

The downside to postponing your honeymoon for so long could be that it doesn’t feel like a honeymoon but just another trip. If you plan to postpone your honeymoon for a few months, I recommend making sure you do something romantic the night of the wedding or the following night. It will give you a chance to take it all in and enjoy being newlyweds! This could be a night away with wine tasting and dinner or a night in with a candlelight dinner and a movie. Whatever sounds best to you!

There is definitely no right or wrong answer on when to take your honeymoon. You should do what works best for you! If you want to leave the night of your wedding and get to your destination ASAP to have time with your hubby, then by all means do it! If you want to ensure that all post wedding chores are finished before you go so that you don’t stress, that’s great! Whatever you decide, just make sure that all plans are in place and most importantly…THAT YOU ENJOY YOURSELVES!

Happy Planning!

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