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Who Says DIY Can’t Be Fabulous!

DIY is one of the most amazing ways to create your ideal wedding! It is the perfect way to create specifically unique decorations tailored to you and your special day! Guess what….IT’S ALSO CHEAPER!! Get your grungy clothes on because it’s about to get crafty in here! If you aren’t a great crafter, phone a friend and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help!

There are no rules for DIY as it is meant to be your day so get as creative as you’d like with it! You can use some DIY decor and some that is purchased, or you can go all out with it and have an entirely DIY decor wedding. It is completely up to you! If you are trying to DIY on a budget, then I always recommend using pinterest and items from around the house. You would be suprised what you can find!

Let’s get into some general DIY ideas to think about when envisioning your wedding!


Some people choose to create their own florals because they can get extremely pricey. Whether you plan to use real or fake flowers, there are plenty of do it yourself flower tutorials online to help make your florals look immaculate. Check in with your local florist also to see if they have any deals for coming in and helping to create your florals. No matter what you choose to do, your florals can look beautiful if you choose to DIY them!

DIY Signage:

Signage can be so dang expensive to purchase when DIY signs are sooo easy! There are so many different and simple ways to create beautiful signage for your wedding. Some choose to go the chalkboard route which is adorable, just be sure to find someone to do it with good handwriting. Another really common way to create your own signage is also by using a board and vinyl lettering. Vinyl’s are peel and stick and they are so easy to use! I have ordered them from Etsy multiple times and even if you don’t know what you are doing, they send instructions! Dressing up signage with greenery or florals is also adorable and so easy to do.


Centerpieces can be so incredibly easy to DIY because there are soooo many different options! Often times florals are involved but we already covered that! Other things that can be super cute include mason jars, somethings as simple as a cut up lemon, ribbon, and of course votives with candles. There are usually some things you will have to purchase to create your own centerpieces but some stuff can simply be taken from around your house and used as well like a jar or vase. A common misconception with centerpieces is that they all have to be the same but I actually quite like when they are different. It is unique and shows off your range of skills.

Place Cards/Table Numbers:

Paper products are one of the easiest things to DIY! All you need is a computer, a printer, and some paper. There are so many online platforms or computer programs free of charge that can help create your ideal look for place cards or table numbers. I often use which gives you so many templates and artwork. Other options include Microsoft Word and Publisher. Give your wedding some personal touches by creating cute little name cards and table numbers.

Guest Book:

Guest books get so incredibly creative nowadays and I love it! You can repurpose something like corks to create a surface or even purchase a more personalized guest book online. Etsy is a great place for this! I have seen people use so many different things from an entire barrel as their guest book to a special book that they made with paper in it and guests were asked to take polaroids to place in the book with their notes. Whatever you decide to do, make it something that you will cherish forever!

Dress Up Your Chairs:

Sometimes we can’t always afford the lavish chairs that we want, however there are ways to dress your chairs up so that they look beautiful no matter what type they are. There of course are entire chair covers, florals and tulle, signs, etc. There are ways to make plastic chairs to wooden chiavari chairs look so amazing and unique to your wedding as well. Get creative and I definitely recommend using pinterest to get some ideas!


Photobooths are one of the largest things you are going to DIY but it generally turns out extremely beautiful. There are so many options for creating photobooths from tulle with lights and florals to creating a super luxurious backdrop with a chair or couch and a lot going on. It is completely up to you how to DIY your photobooth but as long as you have a solid foundation that won’t fall over, then you’re good! Get creative, make it your own, and have fun with it! Props are always fun too!

Napkin Decor:

Creating something to dress up your napkins is oh so easy! Instead of purchasing napkin rings, have you ever thought of tying a piece of eucalyptus or rosemary to give it a touch of color and make it unique? Depending on your color pallate, there are many ways to add to your napkins and make them stand out on the tables! A menu is another great way to add to your napkin decor and to let your guests know what they will be served at the same time! I love when people get creative with their napkin folds and decor because it stands out in my mind and looks amazing!

Dessert Bar:

Dessert bars are so common nowadays instead of doing a large cake and are much more budget friendly too! You can get whatever type of dessert you would like from cupcakes to donuts and even cookies or brownies if you’d like! Decorating it can be as easy as taking dishes from your house, mismatched or not, and putting your desserts out for all to see! I always recommend if you can, to give certain areas of your dessert bar some height to give it depth and make it so that they is more room on the table for other platters. Another awesome option is of course the donut wall! I mean, who doesn’t love a donut? Donut walls are one of the cheapest ways to display your donuts and give your dessert bar a fun look!

Recycled Household Products:

Did you know that there are so many different household objects that can be used to create decorations for free? A light bulb for instance can be emptied out and used as a hanging vase with lights if you want. Other options would be mason jars, tomato sauce jars, tin cans, wine bottles, and even wine corks! Look around your house and see what items you have to get creative with!


Invitations are another super easy way to get creative for cheap! If you don’t want to pay somebody to design your invitations then you can go online and create them yourself and have them printed or even print them yourself! Small accents such as twine or a leaf paper can be added to give it a more unique look and give it something to represent your wedding. There are also people who decide to create then entire thing by hand. I wish I could do that… If you aren’t an artist, don’t worry neither are most people and that is why we have the computer to help us!


How to display your photos is always a fun thing to try and figure out. Have you ever though of using an old picture frame to put twine and clothes pins on with photos? Maybe you have a tree that you can clip photos to? Purchasing picture frames get so expensive that I always recommend that it is easier to find other ways to display your photos. Picture frames can also fall and break really easily during a wedding and then glass gets everywhere. Get creative with the things you have and create a unique and cute way to show people your photos!

However you decide to DIY, just be sure make it your own! There are plenty of ways to budget friendly DIY utilizing things you probably already have but it is perfectly fine to purchase some things as well! DIY is supposed to be a fun way to get super involved in your wedding planning and decorating so be sure to have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends either because that can turn into a lot of fun weekend involving crafting and mimosas…just saying!

Happy Planning!

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